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Home Inspections

Existing, new, commercial inspections, we do it all and strive to provide you a timely thorough inspection everytime. Every house is different and we have the tools and knowledge to identify issues and we always give you an honest report! Costly renovations and repairs can be prevented with a thorough inspection. Integrity is a must and a keen eye for details! Allow us to protect your investment!

Water testing

Washington State Department of Health advises that contaminants could show up in your drinking water, potentially putting your family's health at risk. Because you may not taste, smell, or see many types of contaminants, the state Department of Health (DOH) believes regular water testing is very important.







Radon evaluation

According to the Division of Geology and Earth Resources at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, approximately 57,000 identifiable rocks and soil regions were categorized into either high, variable, or low risk for radon gas production. Though the risk for a high radon concentration is considered low in Washington, no area presents zero risks. Allow us to take any guess work out and ensure you of any radon danger in yor home.